DS-2003 Communicating with Data (Fall 2022)

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Week 1 Module 1: Intro to Course and R

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about basic structure and topics covered in course.
  2. Get R and RStudio setup and running on your computer.
  3. Get acquainted with Canvas site, github repository, and github webpage.
  4. Learn basics of programming with R and using the R Studio IDE.

Module 1.1: Intro to Course and R

Class Agenda

  1. Go over powerpoint, class canvas site, github page, and github site.
  2. Remind students to fill out pre-class qualtrics survey.
  3. Quick poll students for experience in R.
  4. Go through RMkardown lecture if there is time.

Class 1: Lecture: Intro to Course

Embedded Slides

Download M1.1_DS-2003_Intro
R-Markdown Overview

Module 1.2: Interactive Lecture: Intro to R-1